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The teachers’ revolt and the fight for social equality


Teachers must draw the lessons of the last year of struggle. The teacher rebellion was largely initiated from below by teachers on social media and in defiance of the NEA and AFT. Unable to stop the strikes, the NEA and AFT did everything to isolate each struggle, wear down teachers and then sign sellout deals that included minimal pay raises largely funded by regressive taxes or cuts to other vital programs. In every case, the union officials proclaimed, “Remember in November” and peddled the lie that the Democrats were the friends of teachers.

Teachers require new organizations of struggle, democratically controlled by rank-and-file educators themselves, to fight for what teachers, support staff and their children need, not what the big business politicians claim is affordable. These rank-and-file workplace and neighborhood committees should reach out and fight for the broadest mobilization of the working class, including mass demonstrations and a general strike, to defend the social right to high quality public education.

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