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The betrayal of the Oakland teacher strike and the way forward for students

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality

The struggle of Oakland, California, teachers to defend public education was sold out. On Thursday, February 21, more than 3,000 educators went on strike in opposition to the threat of school closures, endless budget cuts, declining real wages, and impossible teaching conditions, which include large class sizes, dilapidated facilities, threadbare funding, and the hunger, poverty and even homelessness of the working-class families they serve.

Students have begun to wage their own campaign to save their schools. Many have taken to social media to denounce the contract and the devastating impacts the new cuts will have on their lives. “You failed us,” wrote one student speaking of the Oakland Education Association (OEA), “you pulled the rug out from our feet and disrupted our community’s momentum.”

The question facing students now is: What way forward?

The International Youth and Students for Social Equality urges students to intensify their campaign in defense of your schools. This campaign, however, must be based on a clear political perspective…

Read the full statement here.

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